Coin Collector Links

Coin Collector Links

Please note that the Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Club provide these links as information only.

Associations & Societies

Royal Canadian Numismatic Association

Ontario Numismatic Association

American Numismatic Society

British Numismatic Society

National Mints

Royal Canadian Mint

United States Mint

British Mint

Other Clubs

Ottawa Numismatic Society

Windsor Coin Club

Waterloo Coin Society

North York Coin Club

Toronto Coin Club

Mississauga-Etobicoke Coin Stamp and Collectables Club

Dealers & Auction Houses

B&W Coins & Tokens

Olmstead Currency

The Coin Collector

Northern Stamp & Coin

Alliance Coin & Banknote

Hub City Coins

Pella Coins & Antiquities

Toronto Coin Expo

Unitrade Associates (coin supplies)

The Canadian Numismatic Company

Champlain Coin Club

Misc Links

Canadian Coin News

Numismatic Network Canada

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